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oulalala vite vite! les paroles!!!!
je te les mets en anglais et si tu supplie en français .... International Business MachinesThe screen is shining with nasty X-ray leaks,I am soaring with digits to reach the moutain peaks,The keys are tapping to the rhythm of drift,IBM is the modern culture shift, I B MThe glitter of the current brings joy on demandIBM, IBM, this is my world, the world of IC cellsDown in the hard drive mirror I can see your face,My dear, the video accelerator is my love and graceThrottling like a thunder is the turbo cooler,The binary digits are flashing like the bulletsIBM, IBM,The glitter of the current grants fun on demand,IBM, this is my world of integrated circuit cells International Busineess Machines (IBM)Laser beams are pouring from the Cathod Tube,Floppy drive diskette tempts my mind and lures,In my head, there strikes a thunderball,You have gently reached your spinning CDROM,Virtual space, the matrices clapper,You declared your love, my electronic matter,I will rest on scanner, and power on the core,My IBM, I fall in love for you,International Business MachineLa vrai traduction est un peu differente, mais même si le theme fait un peu geek , les paroles sont pas si débiles que ça ....